Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Using technology in the classroom:

Man is getting smarter day by day. This is evident by the advancements in the technology seemingly endless. In the field of education, technology has become such an integral part of learning process that they can’t be considered distinct from one another. Education integrated with technology has helped students and lecturers equally and learning has become more effective and successful.
Technology is indeed a plus point, when education has to be more than learning. The student should be actively involved in learning and applying whatever is learnt. Technology provides such a platform with which a student gets a realistic approach towards learning. Nowadays, students are assigned projects that require them to use various technological tools. For example theoretical principles are understood best by means of flow chart, concept map or concept web. A project on concept mapping allows the student to use word processing tools enabling him to create a flow chart or a map. These structured representations of theoretical information are the best way to understand the topic.
Internet offers multitude of applications with which the student is able to contact his tutors via mail. He can interact with the world renowned celebrities in the respective field so that they interact with them for both theoretical and practical learning. Any new developments are first published online, as access to internet helps the student to keep himself updated with latest developments. Technology plays a major role in all round development of students as individuals. Modeling and visualization has become essential part of learning thanks to technology incorporated in the class rooms.